Do you feel difficulty in IELTS speaking? Here are some useful phrases

In this article you will find some useful phrases for IELTS speaking test. They will help you to increase your IELTS score. You will learn how to give personal opinion according to different situations and how to start a conversation.

How to give personal opinion about a Situations

Well, it depends on the situations.
To be honest, it’s hard to tell
It varies from person to person

How to start a sentence to give personal opinion

I believe
My view is
In my opinion
I’d say
As I see it
If you ask me
Personally speaking
The way I see it is
From my point of view
How to give weak opinion
I imagine
I guess
I suppose

How to give strong opinion on a specific point

I strongly believe that
I’m strongly in favor of
As far as I’m concerned
I’m strongly against this idea

How to start a sentence while you are thinking about what to say

Well, to be honest
That’s a good question
That’s an interesting question
That’s a tough question.
I suppose it depends on individual
That’s a tricky one’
Some good linker
In fact
As a matter of fact,
Personally speaking
In other words

How to give reasons

That’s why
Because of
Reason behind it is
It is extremely important for
First and most important reason is
Related to first reason another reason it
For so many reasons I suppose that’s not a good idea