Do you want 7+ score in IELTS writing? Use linking words

In IELTS writing linking words and connectors play essential role when it comes to get higher score. Proper usage of linking words and connectors is considered as Coherence and cohesion. These are one of the four evaluation criteria of IELTS writing tasks. They are used to beautifully manage the paragraph and connects the sentences.


Vocabulary for sequences

initially, start, to begin with
finally, in the end, last, in the first place
first of all, firstly,
after that
second, secondary,
next, after that
In addition, moreover, furthermore
in next step, in next phase
Also, eventually, Another, additional

vocabulary for to add more information in the paragraphs 

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Also, as well as, moreover, in addition, furthermore, and

Vocabulary to show comparison and similarity 

similarly, as compare to, Like,

in the same way,

in the same fashion,

in the same manners,

likewise, just as, similar to,

not only but also


Vocabulary to show contrast and opposite ideas 

In contrast to, on the contrary, 

in comparison to, But, despite, 

in spite of, however still, while, whereas

Vocabulary to show Cause

Because, because of, as, for, since, to cause

Vocabulary to show effect

As a consequence, consequently, 

so, therefore, as a result, hence, 

to affect, due to, because of

Vocabulary to show to illustrates examples

For example, for instance, 

namely, this is, including, 

such as, as follows

Vocabulary for generalization of content

Normally, Generally, In general, most of the times, 

as a rule, on the whole, usually, in most cases

Stating the obvious

Of course, without doubt, it goes without saying, 

clearly, after all, naturally, surely, obviously

Vocabulary for Summary and conclusion

In nutshell, in summary, to summarize
in conclusion, overall, to conclude, finally

Vocabulary to support an argument 

Indeed, actually, in fact, as a matter of fact

Vocabulary to expressing a personal opinion

Personally, I agree, I disagree, 

as far as I am concerned, in my view, 

in my opinion, to be honest

Vocabulary to  explain something
In short, basically, in particular, especially, on the whole