Letter of Motivation Sample: Multiple Scholarships Winner

Letter of Motivation

There are many significant reasons to explain why the Master studies in Electrical Engineering at Tampere University of Technology (TUT) is the ideal program for me to accomplish my research and career goals. The reasons are combined with my educational background, work experience and interests. The first and foremost driving force that encouraged me to apply for this program is its specialization in Smart Grids. This program will facilitate me with knowledge of electrical power systems, renewable energy and integration of distributed energy resources.

Ever since, I enrolled in Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with specialization in Electronics at FAST National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, my ambition has been always to be a good student and researcher. I always enjoy learning new techniques, problem solving and simulation of projects. When I was in the fifth semester and studying Data Communication and Networking course, my teacher gave an assignment to do research and suggest a method for detection of errors while data transmission. I was the only student of my class, who was able to propose a method which was novel and more robust than all existing error detection techniques. Later on, I published a research paper on it.

Luckily, after my first publication, I was highly appreciated and motivated by faculty members of my department. It encouraged and influenced me to continue further research and work on more challenging problems. Fortunately, I joined and actively contributed to the NuSyS: National University Systems and Simulations Group. At the same time, I became a student member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

During my junior year, I studied Digital Signal Processing and I did various research projects to actualize and implement the theoretical knowledge into practical research work. Particularly, I wrote a research article to automatically detect cheating through the whispering of a cheater in the exam room. It was presented and published in the IEEE Sixth International Conference on Innovative Computing Technology (INTECH), Dublin, Ireland (2016).

I have acquired insight knowledge of industrial automation system (sensors and actuators) during my internship at D.G. Khan Cement factory, Pakistan. Fortunately, I have attended various research conferences and seminars where I listened the technical sessions about smart grids and electrical power system that also fascinated my interest towards Master studies in Smart Grids.

As a university student, I successfully managed my time between extracurricular duties, study, research and teaching tssistantship. I finished BS Electrical Engineering with 3rd highest GPA in the department and was awarded Bronze medal. Moreover, in recognition of my performance, I am honored with Dean’s certificate of honor six times for excellent academic performance. I am proud to say that I have set a National Record and also honored with “Outstanding Young Researcher” award for my research contributions.

After proper exploration and careful examination, I decided to apply at TUT. Its master program in Electrical Engineering with focus on Smart Grids matches the needs of my career growth and will allow me to obtain in-depth understanding of fundamental concepts of distribution automation, transmission system, electric drives and converters. I expect this program to enhance my present theoretical, practical, research and problem-solving skills and build those capabilities in me that are vital for success in my domain.

I am all motivated to expand my research area and to conduct latest research under the supervision of expert professors of TUT. Smart Grids program will provide me opportunities to acquire the advance technological knowledge that will lay foundation for my future research.  On the completion of this program, I am intending to pursue PhD in the future to have a career in either academia or as a researcher in industry. I believe this program will be stepping stone for achieving my ultimate goal.

Overall, I am equipped with industrial work experience, research and educational background to fulfill the requirements of this program. If given this opportunity, I will be a valuable asset to your reputed institute. Along with high-quality education, it will also provide me the opportunity to know Finland’s cultures and meet other people.

TUT academic excellence scholarship can be financing source in this regard. I look forward to availing this prestigious opportunity.

Best regards,

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