What is PhD? Why should you do a PhD?

A PhD, doctorate of philosophy, a word originally derived from the Greek word, meaning love for wisdom. It is the highest level of academic qualification an individual can accomplish.  PhD qualification can be earned in any subject, like physics, chemistry, mathematics, anthropology, and even in actual philosophy by spending three to four years by doing research and to produce the results which add a significant contribution in that particular subject. The research in PhD can of any kind and supervised by the professor. It can be scientific, medical, historical, sociology, archeology, etc. A PhD qualification is the first step towards your career as a full-time researcher.    

Knowledge is love and light and vision

(Helen Keller)

Why you should do PhD?

  1. If you are passionate about the particular subject and have a natural thirst for knowledge, and want to utilize your time to make a significant contribution inside that field. Then, PhD is the right choice for you. By pursuing a PhD, you have to spend the dedicated amount of time in your particular area of interest, which not only improves your understanding but also makes you able to add your contribution, which will be definitely fruitful for the students.

  2. PhD will prove to be the finest source for intellectual and self-development. During PhD studies, an individual analyzes each and every aspect, learn from different experimentation, recorded and compare the results. This will increase in him the ability to work independently and boost his/her intellect towards that particular subject.

  3. In PhD, an individual will take part in solving problems, understanding the literature studies, writing, and presenting an academic paper, use logical arguments to convince his/her idea, etc. In this way, the PhD studies develop in you the necessary transferable skills in addition to specialized technical and computational aptitudes. Presumably, it will all be extraordinarily valuable regardless of what work you will take up after your PhD.

  4. PhD degree opens quick entryways for you in research, fellowships, and academic projects. Fellowships, academic research projects are huge the wellspring of obtaining high academic profile in your field. Consequently, PhD degree provides multiple opportunities for the one who most likely want to have a career in the field of academia.

  5. As an individual who is getting their PhD degree knows, the way to acquiring a doctorate takes a ton of both work and time. Although, it takes a lot of effort, passion, and courage to complete a PhD thesis. You will also learn, how to tackle pressure and criticizing, so, right to say, PhD makes you tough, both mentally and physically. Your self-confidence and self-belief will be sky-rocket upon the completion of PhD.

  6. During a PhD studies, you will learn, how to priorities events happening in your life. “Work-Study-Family”, you have to balance all these together for a long period of time. Besides, professional benefits, the PhD will let you learn the most effective benefits of managing the different events in your life.

  7. You can enjoy the advantage of having “Dr.” as your title. Surely, it reflects positive intentions and sounds somewhat inspiring and respectable.

  8. Being a PhD holder, you have all the sufficient skills and competencies required to excel in every walk of life. Many PhD graduates have extremely effective and pleasant professions outside of the academic world. In this way, the PhD degree will provide you the better career opportunities outside the academic world, what you have to do is to translate your aptitudes such that matches with your picked position.

  9. If you are planning to pursue PhD abroad, then a lot of different academic and non- academic experiences and benefits will be welcoming you with open arms. You will get the exposure of a diverse group of researchers, scientists, and a better working environment.

  10. PhD will give you the realization in life, shows you the significance of life, it made you realize that you are here to add to the world (in advancement and in solving existing problems). Ph.D. causes you to understand that alongside the acknowledgment that you can do it.