How to Email a Professor for a Postdoctoral Research Position

Finding the right way on how to email a professor for a postdoctoral research position is very important. It can feel difficult since it’s an important aspect, so you always need to have patience and proper guidance. The focus is on trying to eliminate any concerns and focus on getting the postdoctoral researcher opportunity in your desired research group under your favourite professor. In doing so, the outcome can indeed be second to none, and you will enjoy the experience.

Why should you email a professor?

Before you learn how to email a professor, it’s a good idea to figure out why you want to contact the professor. He is the one that will guide you through the process and will help you to know the opportunity better. As a result, it’s crucial to ensure that you email the professor as quickly as possible (here we offer some sample email to a professor). Doing that is going to be helpful, and it’s one of those things that matter immensely.

Email’s subject line and your introduction

When you’re figuring out how to email a professor, the subject line is important. You can say things like Prospective Postdoctoral applicant. You want to keep it short, but still relevant to the request that you have here. In the introduction, you want to talk about yourself, your background and research experience. You have to show your motivation and interests for the postdoctoral position. Doing simple things like this will help to get the professor’s attention you which you want towards your email.

Describe the background, relevance and experience

Once you introduced yourself, the next step on how to email a professor for the postdoctoral position is to show relevance. You want to relate your experience and background with the domain and research area of the professor. This shows he is indeed the proper option for you and it will help more than you might expect. Here you also want to share your previous research, skills and work experience. It’s not a large section, but a very important one. It’s also a good idea to show your future research interests too, as it might make you stand out.

Call to action

Once you showed all these things, you do want to have a call to action. Show interest and you need to state that yes, being a postdoctoral researcher is what you want to pursue. You want to show to the professor that you are the right pick. However, in our another article, we have listed a few common mistakes to avoid when emailing a professor.

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We always recommend following this guideline when you learn how to email a professor for a postdoctoral position. Sure, you can adapt and adjust it, but in the end it will help make the process simple and more cohesive. You always want to avoid any rush, and instead implement a system that truly delivers the right results. It’s totally worth it, and the benefits can be outstanding.

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If you have some questions, please feel free to ask in comments below. Thanks for reading this article and share it with your friends so they can prevent these common mistakes.